Inequality matters. A conversation with Christine Lagarde at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting



I consider this of the Interesting discussion about women issue in employment , Lagarde addresses the gender gap issue and including the gap in the decision making and executive positions.

I believe that this is our issue in Libya as most of female employee in public positions at government works as assistance or/and in business support function rather than executives and leading positions. This issue must be tackled by empowering and allowing women to be a decision makers in public position.

I quoted the following from the conversation

CL advice for potential women “She has to understand and internalized the fact that she’s an economic potential, that she’s an asset, that she delivers value, she is not a liability that something we have to strongly believe in. Because once you believe that then you can better market yourself and you can pitch for the work that you feel you can do and feel strong enough to do it. Sometimes hardly possible cause they are very male dominated organization or very intimated organization and in that case the best is to Reach out to others not necessarily woman to reach out to those that will be prepared to give a hand to push along to give a bit of guidance to coach and monitor.”

On if being a woman was perceived as plus or minus “Not trying to look like men, continue to be myself and accepting the facts that we can be different.  We also have to allow space for our individuality and we don’t have necessarily completely associate and try to look alike”

On advocating for women  “I think to myself now and again what if I fail if I make a mess of this, this will be held not just against me but it might be held against women in general. And I cannot let that happen so its pressure but it’s a positive pressure.  You can’t let your sister down.“


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