Libyan Women in Financal Sector- Adopting Theresa Whitmarsh method

Original Article– The Woman On A Mission To Close The Gender Gap In Finance

Financial Service Sector in Libya faces the same issue covered in Forbes article.

In Banking and investment sectors, most of women settle with general accounting or business support role. The issue is not the lack of women with academic qualifications, but it’s the lack of development plans to promote women to higher positions or explore their potential in professional career paths.

Following the module presented by Whitmarsh in the article, this problem may be tackled by adopting the following solutions: 

First: Invest in women development; according to statistic most of the graduates from finance and accounting schools are women, firms can reach out directly to the Banking Institute or Planning Institute, or can choose to hire highly potential women and put them on training programs with clear development plan and career paths. In two years we can witness a noticeable change.  

Second, Social Norms; higher management in the financial sector must change the cultural norms and stereotypes, accepting more women in advisory role and in professional and senior roles, not all women are old school type who chooses to avoid challenges or lack ambition to have a career. 

I know for a fact that social and culture norms is the most difficult part in any change concerning women empowerment, but if the government or lawmakers give more attention to this issues and have the willingness to change through an affirmative action programs this change will be possible, it’s important to mention that empowering women is not only a human right but it’s good for the development of the country.   


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